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Members Lounge / Re: Free Birth chart reading request
« Last post by Darklord7 on Today at 08:43:21 AM »
About  spouse palace and other palaces
DOB: Sept 28 1997
Time:3:20 Dst or St 2:20
Place: San pedro García -100.4018W
Also what’s does
29. Qing Yang
47. Tian Xu
12. Guan Fu 官府
2. Mu Yu 沐浴
Members Lounge / Free Birth chart reading request
« Last post by Darklord7 on Today at 02:00:30 AM »
About  spouse palace and other palaces
DOB: Sept 28 1997
Time:3:20 Dst or St 2:20
Place: San pedro García -100.4018W
Also what’s does
29. Qing Yang
47. Tian Xu
12. Guan Fu 官府
2. Mu Yu 沐浴
FREE Chart Reading Request / Request guidance: Career
« Last post by Tushar on June 04, 2020, 04:56:38 PM »

Hope this message finds you in good health and spirits!

I am undergoing a stage of gap and transformation in my life esp career and hence would request your insight, clarity cum advice for the following issues related to my career; the birth details are follwed by the issues below:

Name: Tushar
DOB: 29 July 1979
TOB: 7.35 pm (Indian Standard Time which is GMT+5.30)
POB: Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India
Gender: Male

Career Issues:

1) No job since Nov 2018 post organizational realignment and compulsive resignation- despite all efforts, different approaches, networking, metaphysical interventions, there's no job in hand- hence no income whatsoever. Am facing a lot of social heat/ pressure due to no job and no income. When can i expect a job so that in short term, my income starts again?

2) Based on divergent inputs gained from astrology, metaphysics during the no-job period, there is utter confusion regarding the field/ industry to be pursued as i seem to have reached a saturation point. The Bazi inputs seem to point towards two directions- Creativity, Marketing and Entrpreneurship while the other being a writer and coaching; one website said that i had the Creativity star as Career Star, but all till now, after graduating as a Mechanical engineer (although with struggle to complete at its end stage) I have been largely into BPO/ call centre in early career and managerial roles in Quality, Training, Auditing in middle followed by functional leader and strategic quality initiatives in security organization last. Now, creativity and marketing itself is a wide ecosystem spectrum. Being in a transition stage, i can bridge to new fields but skills would need to be developed and demonstrated apart from mapping existing gained experience and skills to the world of creativity, marketing (which itself maybe a herculean challenge). Is Creativity the career path to be taken or should i remain in career contour already pursuing and learn to expect gaps, occasional lags and debacles?

3) If i do go into the Creativity area, which aspect of spectrum is adviced for prosperity, money and respect in long term- Thinking and Planning (Creative Thinking/ Strategy and areas like Branding, Content strategy etc), Creative output (like writing, painting, graphic design, content etc), Design (Cx, Ux, product/ service design), Selling and Ouput (Advertising, PR, Sales), Research and Analytics, Valuation and Critique, or a Artisan/ Van Gogh inspired painter trying to later sell unique artifacts or paint expressions abroad?

Your immense value would exude in removing the confusion arising from divergent inputs available at my end and clarity towards a focus path.

Warm Regards.
Since 2013/ 2014 ?

Hi JT,
Wife I met around then
The other 2018 August, and on and off since
Any views?
FREE Chart Reading Request / Request for ZWDS reading
« Last post by qiu21 on May 17, 2020, 03:44:00 AM »

I would like to get some understanding of my own destiny using zwds.

My birthdate 21 Feb 90, female, Indonesia, 7.50 AM

I would like to know:
1. Some people read my bazi and said, i will through hardship start from 2023 and will get better in 2044. I am planning to start my business this year
2. My financial will get better as i get older?
3. Will I find life partner? Based on bazi reading also I have no luck in relationship. Or maybe better I stay alone.

thank you. will appreciate any input.

FREE Chart Reading Request / Re: Need life guidance, please
« Last post by J27945 on April 26, 2020, 11:23:58 PM »
Hello @fan

Thanks for your reading and advice. My house facing South and my bedroom facing East. You're right about my weak emotional health, it's very serious to the point of having depression state. I feel very desperate and need help badly at the moment  :(

My main issue till today is my "toxic parent" <mother mainly> who keep haunting me and keep doing some "dirty tricks" to put me under her control and use me. She has violent, rude, wicked, and "must get whatever she want at all cost" attitude. When I was a child, she use violence to tame me and do whatever her wishes. During my teen years, I lived with my uncle and suffered from depression and childhood trauma for years and go to psychiatrist for recovery. I even made some poor decisions and addicted to bad habits because of depression which is affected my career choice and life till today  :( Now it's like I am living a life which is not my life..

My "blood family" ruined my life more than support. Just very little help from parents. She want to control me like a child but refuse to give me my right as an adult. It's my uncle who support me all the time, including financial and education. Even though I stay with my uncle, my "so-called parent" still can visit me and terroring my life..

Today, She keep telling lie about how much she love me and how bad I am for not respecting her as parent.. I believe if not because she is old today, she will use violence to get what she want again.. She is a psychopath indeed..

This is the irony of my life.. Many of my seniors also said that I am actually a capable and talented person that take the wrong path in life. If not because of my "blood family" my life will be comfortable today and I will enjoy what I'm doing...  :(

The only way I could think to escape from all my problems is going far away from my home which is also good from ZWDS and other astrology.. I got some opportunities from job actually in the last 3 years but all was failed due to my uncle and my "so-called parent" keep blocked my way by restrain my important documents and some other dirty tricks. I know that my uncle genuinely care of me and won't let me go far because he loves me but this is like killing me softly and slowly from inside  :( :(

I can't deny that all my problems at home is badly affected my work performance and health these days  :( Some of my work teammates even use my pain as opportunities to defame me to the boss and create some bad gossips about me  :(

I've reached my limit now, feel very tired after long battle with depression and with some psychopath who act as fake nice people in my life; thinking of suicide as an option to relieve from all my pains but luckily meet some religious people who reminds me about the karma I should go thru and god..  I can't stop crying in silence when looking at the happy family of my colleagues and keep thinking that life is very very unfair..

Some friends advise me to get married so I could get out.. But the problem is even in my romance life and social circle, my family also want to interfere.. I am locked in a cage.. Also my trust issue and my introvert character due to traumatic past blocked my way..  :(

That's the reason I feel lost direction now.. Don't know what to do and very desperate.

From Bazi 2020 has chance of travelling for me, Geng Zi combine with Shen in year (social) palace indicate change in social circle.. Is that correct? Would this migration successful and last long?

/... house facing South and my bedroom facing East -> This is going to hit you quite badly in terms of mental and physical health this year, 2020.
FREE Chart Reading Request / Re: A quick reading (career and moving abroad), please
« Last post by J27945 on April 26, 2020, 11:21:31 PM »
Dear Master,

May I ask you a quick reading about my chart?

DOB : 2nd July 1990, 8:30 AM
Place : Ha Long, Vietnam

About my career, I've been working for 4 years in 2 different jobs, and I've always had to face a lot of pressure, long hours at work, working on weekends. During those 2 jobs, it never ended really well (almost fired or ending contracts for both parties). Currently I'm looking for a job. Do you see any opportunities or changes in the future? Do you think I have the possibility of starting my own business?
And about moving, I've been living in France for 7 years but I have never really enjoyed living there, people are not really friendly. Is it good for me to move to another country?

Thank you very much for your answer, it would help me a lot!

2020, your chart will move and you prob. feel unsettled again.
FREE Chart Reading Request / Re: Reading For Love and Wealth
« Last post by J27945 on April 26, 2020, 11:19:17 PM »

My brithday is July 10, 1982 born in Vietnam at 20:50. I want to know if i will mert my future wife soon and be married. I have gone to many relationships and it never worked out. Also I would like to know if my wealth is going to be better soon.


In 2020, Rat is a romance / blossom star in relations to your BaZi chart. Set up an intention corner, spell circle or simply make use of SouthEast in 2020 to cast an intention, mediate or to search for that love/ romance/ blossom.

离 South, Gua 9
生氣    :    東 E
天醫    :    東南 SE
延年    :    北 N
伏位    :    南 S
禍害    :    東北 NE
五鬼    :    西 W
六煞    :    西南 SW
絕命    :    西北 NW
Hi, can i trouble you with a reading as it has been tugging at me for the longest of time with regards to affair of the heart and I had also attempt to seek color from other masters but remains confused

3 December 1982

8 March 1982

The other
29 Aug 1983
Since 2013/ 2014 ?
Chinese hour is ranged into 2 hours. His birthtime is between 3-5 am.
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