Author Topic: Using Year and Day HS to calculate Month and Hour.  (Read 5665 times)

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Using Year and Day HS to calculate Month and Hour.
« on: April 15, 2020, 01:03:35 PM »
Software application is common in present day but it might still be handy to know this little trick.

Old text teaches us to memorized 五虎遁 and 五鼠遁 to find out the month and hour.
Personally I find it too difficult and preferred this short cut.

(Use left palm so your right hand can take notes, errrm... unless you are a lefty)

Thumb   index   middle  ring   pinky
   甲         乙        丙        丁       戊
   己         庚        辛        壬       癸
Wood      Fire     Earth    Metal  Water
   甲         丙        戊        庚       壬

You just have to remember that thumb is wood and it support fire --->earth---->metal---->water.
Be it month or hour, place it on Zi (子) position.

E.g - this year is Geng Zi year so place Bing fire on Zi and move to Yin 2 positions and you will know that 庚 year start with Wu Yin month.
Today is Wu Zi day and just place Ren on top of Zi you will know that Wu day start with Ren Zi hour and obviously now is Wu Wu hour.

Whatever I posted, it's my personal opinion and should be view with a pinch of salt because I'm full of shit at times.