Author Topic: Can I kindly ask for ZWDS guidance, pls :)  (Read 4837 times)

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Can I kindly ask for ZWDS guidance, pls :)
« on: December 16, 2020, 11:13:19 PM »
Hello guys,

6 months ago i just found out about BaZi and since then was reading a lot about it, so I can understand my own path and challenges and how possibly to deal with them. Recently came across ZWDS as well and using the ZWDS calculator I started reading about it too. Since I'm pretty much newbie with the subject matter, I'd be very happy to kindly ask you for a little bit help about reading my ZWDS chart correctly. Some of the things I read about the stars and palaces where true and some not really. I understand that stars aspect each other and that produce different effects, which I'm not educated enough to determine. What i'd like to know about my chart is where is broken and how can i fix it and how to balance things out.

I'd like to give you my personal output info as reference point so those of you who like to take a look, would have better understanding why and how than me.

Gender: male
Date: 30.10.1985
Hour: 00:03h (12:03 AM) Zi Hour
GMT: +2 (no DST)
Location: Panagyurishte (42N30/24E11), Bulgaria

My Bazi chart looks like that with True Solar Time correction. According to it I'm Yin Metal DM and Earth element is too much, which tends to make me more of a thinker than doer, which is mostly true. To balance my chart i need mostly Wood and a little bit of Water, as far as I know. My DM is a weak one, it needs support to accomplish things, which is part of my personal struggle for years. The earthly clashes shown between Ox and Dog and now in my 10 year cycle of Goat, is very prominent.

I suffer from depression and i'm prone to suicidal thoughts and negative thoughts, because of a lot of emotional traumas, related to family issues (being abandoned by my biological parents and later being adopted and not supported by my foster parents as well). I always felt rejected and not understood, which led to not very successful partnership either. I'm trying to learn to be independent, and not be so stuck in needing someone's help, but after a lot of trials with career or anything else, I don't find a way to succeed in almost nothing. Which at this point of my life makes me feel lost and confused as to where is my strengths and what path to follow, since everything seems to fall apart anytime I try to do something. As some of you know Yin Metal crack easily under pressure, so I'm trying to find a balanced way to stronger myself.

This is what my ZWDS chart looks like, using the True Solar Time again:

Thank you in advance to anyone who likes to share any opinion about my chart. Any information will be much appreciated. I need your help and guidance. Thank you again. :) Stay safe and be blessed!